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    Article: Not Enough Devices?


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    Very good article delfim !

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    Good article. I've had little coffee so I hope this reply isn't all jacked up.

    Can't go to just one device. Hell, I'd carry s portable coffee maker if it'd fit in my pocket.

    Recently we took a trip to DC to give the boys a "cultural" experience. I took the GPS in the truck, our 2 digital cameras (only used one) and my phone. My oldest took his laptop, and we had the portable DVD player as well. All of these devices (except for the one camera) were needed to fill their function.

    My 3d could have filled most, but I would have come up a bit short.
    I'm not giving my boys my phone to entertain themselves with, and while 3d pics were nice, I was paranoid I was going to drop it in the water at the WWII memorial. Took about 4 pics with it compared to 10 or better 10 MP pics with the camera. Just easier a.d less stressful to use it.

    As for the GPS, well it's mounted and just easier to use than maps or navigate, plus battery lady's longer.

    I see the authors point, but I'd feel like less a geek with one device to rule them all.

    Hey, geek joke...coffee must be wirkin

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