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Big thanks to delfim for his share on what I'd say are the top 10 ... Smartphone News forum

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    Lightbulb More Chrome Extensions & tips to Enhance Your Google+ Experience!


    Big thanks to delfim for his share on what I'd say are the top 10 chrome extensions to enhance your Google Plus experience! You can find the article here.

    I thought I'd share just a few more google chrome fun-ness in case you become all G+ fanatic like me and want to go all out Also some tips that may become useful that you might not yet already know.

    -1 Minus One button for Google Plus <- click to download
    Disagree with a post and think it doesn't deserve a +1? Well now you can give it a -1! lol

    Google Plus Bar Color Changer <- click here to download
    In case you get tired of the same black google plus bar, you can now change the color to your preference to give your google plus look a little more fun.

    Google+ Tweet <- click to download
    If you like Google+ Facebook, then you might also want to grab Google+ Tweet for uber social networking.

    That's it for the extensions as the rest that I use are covered in delfim's article.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    A Few Google+ Tips

    Tip #1:

    If you like adding people whom you find interesting to your circles, then you're probably going to end up adding 100+ interesting people. Before you go nuts like I did (and I learned this the hard way), organize your circles into specific categories first. You can also specify which order you prefer to have your circles in by numbering them since they line up in numerical or alphabetical order.

    Tip #2:

    While the idea of G+ is similar to FB, it doesn't quite share the same "wall" feed or "stream" if you get what I mean. On G+, there's no "posting/writing on your friend's wall", however....you can share a comment on a friend's stream and also make it public so that others may leave comments as well.

    First you'd have to mention the name of the friend whom you'd like to direct your comment to by typing "@" or "+"

    Then before or after typing your message, you can also select which circle you wish to share the comment with or just simply make it public, so that others may view the message and leave comments too.

    Tip #3:

    If you were out partying with your friends and wanted to share your photo's of that night with them but didn't want your co-workers to see it, then you'll probably hesitate sharing those photo's to your "Friends" circle in case it might get exposed or shared by accident to your "Co-Workers" circle. Well G+ made sharing limited in a way so that you can definitely limit to those who can really view what you'd like to share.

    First, if you do plan to use G+ to that extent, then you'll want to hide the visibility of who's in your circles at all. You can do this when you're in Edit mode on your Profile by clicking on the section that shows who's in your circles and who has you in their circles.

    Second, whenever you do plan on sharing information or photo's, edit the post so that you Disable Sharing. Once this is done, whoever you share this with won't have the ability to reshare or even mention other's names in the post.

    Tip #4 (last one):

    Unlike FB, you can't create Events where you can invite all your peeps to. Google+ isn't quite there yet and who knows if they ever decide to take it to that next level. Some people has asked this which is why I'm including this as a tip. You can't create an event but you can still post one in your stream and share it with whomever you wish to. A simple way of including information on the whereabouts of your event is to copy and paste the link of the event's URL. Like in FB, it will include a small detail from the website along with a photo which is what usually grab's people's attention.


    I'll keep you guys posted whenever new addons or tips are discovered. Happy Googling!
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    Great post, Melly! Thanks!

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