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    Article: INSIGHT: When Mobile Payments Make Sense


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    Very true if the device can work for the customer instead. It would be more efficient.

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    I wonder how much the price will rise on products when you have to pay a delivery man, buy a truck, fill truck up with diesel or regular gasoline, insure vehicle, refrigerate vehicle, maintain vehicle then you have to tip delivery man.

    I wonder what happens when vehicle gets stuck in traffic, delivery driver gets lost, my milk gets spoiled, I drink milk and get sick.

    Sicko gets hired as a delivery man, slips roofies into my chocolate milk, I'm rendered unconscious, sicko breaks in, steals my iPhone, starts posting propaganda on Pinstack under my guise, I lose all my reps and get banned.

    I don't like this idea.

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    no more
    I do not see it being any more convenient than using a credit card.

    The barcode scanning on the walls sounds dumb to me. I would rather surf the Web and order from online retailers using my PC. When I am out and about I get in and get out quickly. I am not going to stand around in front of a wall scanning barcodes. I do not even "window shop" in brick and mortar stores, so I definitely will not bother with a bunch of barcodes.

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