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    Article: in Depth: Why Governments Have No Say Over The Internet


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    Interesting issues but the Internet in of itself is very interesting. I really don't know if I could live the life I'm accustomed to without the Internet. That said.....the Internet is not a Panacea. I believe that part of the fallout of the Internet is the demise of newspapers. A newspaper is an aggregater or many issues.....news, sports, financial, movies, comics, crossword puzzle, obituaries, classifieds, etc., etc., etc. I view the Internet as a dis-aggregater.....a medium where you can locate these items but usually it is done piece-meal. It is conceiveable that a reader of a newspaper checking the sports page may stumble on an item that could change their life in one of the other sections. I think that readers of the daily paper tend to scan the paper for tidbits of information not associated with their primary focus. I guess my rant is not against the Internet per se......but using the Internet as a complete focus or substitute for other choices. It has been reliably said that 70% of communications is non-verbal. So.....a phone call would reasonably fit this category meaning you can communicate 70% more effectively in person that with a phone call. This implies that tele-conferencing, texting and emailing are even less effective-most likely around a 15% to 20% effective rate of communication. So.....the ability to accurately and concisely convey your thoughts rapidly diminish without face-to-face communication and in part, the Internet is contributing to this issue. OK--end of rant.....I need to check my email.....

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