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    GIVEAWAY!! Win One of FIVE Seidio Innocase Surface Case/Holster Co


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    Thanks Roger and Seidio, it will be fun to read the reasons why

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    I suppose to post in this thread means post on this Pinstack thread and not on Twitter. So here goes:

    " Since my iPhone 4 is made of glass,
    A Seidio case will protect
    And give it a final touch, with class.

    My doubt is if the Seidio case
    Will ship over the sea
    Since I'm out here in the wilderness
    I hope Seidio delivers,
    And answers my plea."

    There... I'm waiting.

    Thanks Rog. Also my appreciation to Seidio in collaborating with PS. Way to go...
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    I found the Seidio website some how one day and ordered a case and holder for an older Blackberry. Since then I have had several different Blackberry's and have ordered cases and clips for all of them from Seidio. I am going to buy an iPhone next week and will be needing a case and clip for this phone also. I have been to your website and seen that you do offer one that will fit the Verizon iPhone so my plan is to buy one. It sure would be nice to have one for free. The other thing that I wanted to say is that I have sent several people to your website to buy your products because they are made so well. Anytime I pull out my Blackberry from the clip, everybody around me ask "where did you get that". I always give them your website because as you know your name is on the back of the case and clip. Good idea! I hope I win one.


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    I have already dropped my Bold several times face down and suprisingly no scratches or dings yet. I would love the combo to avoid this in the first place.

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    Followed Seidio on twitter @9podder.

    Seidio cases are eye catching, lightweight and will provide all round protection for my new iPhone 4. Plus it will make a statement of my taste in high quality and well designed products. I need not look any further for a solid and durable case to protect my investment. Thanks!

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    I need a case that's durable, comfortable and stylish. I think Seido Cases meets those requirements. I've read many great reviews about their products. I would love to find out for myself.

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    Very Nice, great color assortment! This is actually the first time I have seen one of these cases. Hard to find a good looking case that has a professional look as well. Would be a definite eye-popper pulling that bad boy out in the middle of a room full of BB users / co-workers. Looks like it could take some punishment as well. Would be extremely pleased to win one & will definitely look into getting one of these cases for the old B&C's (Ball & Chain's) iphone. Thank's for the opportunity Pinstackers!

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    Just ask
    The Torch is badly in need of one of these as am rock SEIDIO!!!!!

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    ask me
    i want one, i broke mine the same day i ended with a ligament rupture on my left knee when i felt down the stairs..... which was a couple days ago

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    What if you don't do "the twitter"?


    I would love one of those cases for my torch
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    Me me me mr pleeeeaaaase!!!!!! I have a Moto Droid X and have been looking firs great case but have been stuckbetween an otterbox at which I had for my 9700 and iPhone 3gs and they are awesome. However, everytime I askedfor others opinion of the "Best" case for a phone people have said the Seido is the best. I would love to try one on my droid x.

    In desperate need

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    Well I've always been a leather sleeve type of girl, but it's time to try something different for my gorgeous White Torch..........

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    This would make my Droid X so much safer!! However being a Mod I can't win...Good luck everyone!!

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    I would love one of these cool cases for my Torch. That way, I can protect the phone from drops and scratches.

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