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    Article: Future BlackBerrys Running Android Apps?!??


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    If the rumors are true, it's a either a very bold or very desperate play. On the one hand, it would certainly kill development of native applications on the BlackBerry platform; RIM would become yet another HTC/Motorola/Samsung as a manufacturer of Android devices. On the other hand, it would put Android firmly at the top of the smartphone ecosystem, and vitalize the lethargic third party application development on the BlackBerry platform.

    In any case, speaking from my experience dealing with the uglier side of RIM's developer relations, this is an uncharacteristic move.
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    I can't see it happening, but if it does RIM will have something planted firmly in place first, maybe a few years but I wouldn't count on it. It's not like BlackBerry App World is failing at this point

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    if it does come that rim will run android apps, i can already see RIM becoming "the hot thing" in the street
    and many people will finally be able to enjoy angry bids on a blackberry product !

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    well RIM wants to move to a more simplier system, and that is exactly what google is using. I look at it this way.

    that developers who are already writing for android and blackberry will have one type of app to submit and they would look identical, and not different. foursquare on my vibrant looks different than foursquare on my blackberry 9780. that means less maintaining for developers. One platform one app one less headache. Also, apps that would be available in one market can now easily be placed in two markets meaning more money for developers as well as for google and blackberry.

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    What ? RIM, a mega company with it's hard worked identity and established trademark going to do a turn around and copying/cloning a Android platform ? Forget it !
    RIM will evolve into a different UI, this I expect. But they'll remain faithful to their OS.

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    It would be an excellent move for RIM. This would attract many developers, something BB is lacking right now especially for the Playbook. I would go back to BB in a heartbeat if they go Android! Forget your pride RIM and jump on the winning team! Think about it. This combo would rule the smartphone industry.

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    ask me
    just to make this clear this will just be a way to run android apps on a blackberry device, nothing else, virtual machine is already working and happening on the playbook, rim is not leaving their base, and qnx will blow everyone out, and just a small tip, if google says yes you may see, google maps, gmail and all the cool apps android runs, meaning no need to theter to your blackberry to have those things.....
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