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    Article: FlightTrack Now Available on Palm webOS Smartphones


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    I bought this app ($4.99) for my BB today - I can use it but I have two comments regarding its use:

    1) Every action is delayed - REALLY delayed - as I move around the options with the trackball, etc., like molasses. It's as though I don't have either enough free memory (I have 20-30mb free all the time) OR that my processor is too slow. I realize I'm on an old 8830 but no other application that I have is slow like this at all.

    2) I wish they would display the order of the flights in order of occurrence. I inadvertently entered the flights in the wrong order (as I was learning that you have to "save" a flight after identifying it) and the app leaves them in the order entered. I wish they'd offer a re-order option. (small complaint I guess.)

    FYI, I read in someone else's comment that the plane image doesn't update automatically on the map view. I would have thought it would or there'd at least be an option for that.

    There's a 'pro' version of this for iPhone, Droids, etc. but not for BB's so I don't know if it's different.

    Other than that, it's a neat application so far.
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