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    Article: DevCon: BlackBerry Announces the PlayBook!!


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    Now this looks very very nice. Can't wait to start seeing more of this thing. Only thing I see as false is the whole app thing they said. Please, get more than 30 decent apps before making that statement. I really like this, this may be my return to a rim device. I won't give up my iPad but strictly for my business this may be it. Looks very promising.

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    What is the battery life?

    Oh you have to see this VIDEO: http://na.blackberry.com/#
    (scroll 3 to the right and play video)

    This looks amazing. So much better than the ipad. And comes with ability to play flash.

    Now the only/real question is -- how long will it last on one charge?
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    Yeah it looks nice and all but you know what I like most about that video? The song.

    iLord is DEAD!

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    My opinion - it´s going to be great ! The only flaw is it´s late arrival.

    In the vast (very, very vast) world of BB user´s, most of them being professional, serious users of the BB platform, this is going to be a bombshell. It won´t take long for us to see these guys and dolls carrying a BB phone for the usual daily routine and then sitting down for a cup of coffee with the BB Playbook for (even) more serious work.
    For conference calls and seamless integration with already well entrenched business applications.
    RIM´s future has lot´s of sunlight.

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