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If you ask me, I think all tablets are lame. I just don't see the reason why anyone wants one. I think a laptop is a much better solution, and if you give me this excuse that a tablet is easier to carry, I will tell you to grow stronger or buy some kind of carrying device like a backpack or a huge man purse to put your ipad, playbook in.

Tablets as phones? Why? Maybe if you have an iphone, and can't make a call with it, cause you left your bumper at home, or your just too lazy to reach in your pocket to grab your phone.
Yes you are paying on a data plan, but thats just data not a voice plan. Just imagine how cool and impressive you will look while out in public, when your surfing the internet with your tablet in one hand, and you have your phone in the other, talking to friends about chicken recipes, the Beatles on itunes, and all that other cool crap real men talk about.

Ive come to the conclusion; that no matter what RIM, Android, Microsoft comes out with, it will never be enough for the Apple enthusiast.
I can definitely agree with that, I use a netbook and i dont need or plan to buy a tablet. I didnt buy them when the tablet pc came out years ago and i am certainly NOT buying one that does even less than those did. you can almost buy 2 netbooks that do way more than any of those tablets for the price of the iPad, seriously think about it.