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    Article: BlackBerry Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Responds to Apple's Steve Job's Ja


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    You go, Jim!

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    Wow. Go him!

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    Go!!! Merger with Apple Jim!

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    Stevo is just trying to keep folks talking about him and the company. If no one pays attention to his jabs, he will shut up. By entertaining his rants your playing right into his game. On another note, great comeback.

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    LOL-you know what they say, "there is no such thing as bad publicity".
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    Normally I would say " no response" would be a better way to deal with attacks, after all you lower yourself in order to just respond but in RIM's case they have no choice. The truth hurts besides chokem is right and RIM can use any publicity they can get. They are bleeding badly and as I have said before 2011 is going to be a difficult year for them. If their Playbook does not WoW everyone, 2012 will take RIM to where WM was these last few years.

    When you consider what Android and now WP7 are doing it's very hard to even look at a RIM product unless it's free or shoved down your throat via your employer. Companies are adopting BYOP policies to save money and people are not bringing in their own RIM product to use. They are running to Android or iOS products because of the Eco system and ease of use among other things.


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    ZING!!!! BlackBerry is bleeding badly but that was a well put comeback. I still think RIM has to say something to defend themselves. Bottom line, Apple and Android are taking over. Soon the bbm'ers will realize this (although I still use two devices to maintain bbm :P)

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    I swear srl you are the Steve Jobs fanclub president. If not Steve Jobs in disguise lol. Everything said in the article had substance. when Blackberry defends themselves you inevitably see comments like this. Basically they say that its ok for apple and more directly jobs to try to make its competitors look bad by using misleading info and shady business tactics, but if that company thats being attacked, idk fights back then shame on them right? They should be the bigger of the two and quietly accept it? Stoicism in the business world is not a virtue, if there is no rebuttal to jabs such as this, then the public will assume its all the whole truth. There is enough propaganda out there coming from the government, we dont really need more.
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