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    Article: BlackBerry Bold Touch (Dakota/Montana) Spotted Next to 9700


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    Nice! In the form factor I like the most! I wonder which carrier will get this one? If T-mobile doesn't get on the ball and start grabbing new devices, it leaves not choice but to switch.

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    Looks, and, promises to be good, BB speaking...
    It 's lame compared to what I now use. No offense intended.
    But it reminds me of something I inadvertently kept doing when I went from the Torch back to the 9780...I kept pressing the screen like I use to do with the Torch.
    Maybe Mike, the RIM CEO, had the same problem, and eureka, we have a new BB model.
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    That front camera could possibly mean face time or whatever RIM decides to call it. Hopefully MSN has an update for it and finally video chat with all my friends from the BB world and beyond. That would totally help many users. C'mon MSN get on the ball beeotches!!!

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    All this extra data going back and forth, the networks are slow as it is, unless of course you use Wi-Fi, then why not just use Skype on your own computer, so untill true 4G comes out, I think I will give front facing cameras a pass.
    Touch screen has it's plus points, but are also really anoying when it comes to finger prints, as I look at all the marks on my Torch! I also think the screen is still a bit small for browsing etc, great for e-mails, but then if all you want is the e-mail side why have a touch screen?

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