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    Article: AT&T Slowing 4G to Sell More iPhones?!?


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    this is hardley surprising news about att. All of issues that att has had in the last few years has been related to their network speed. they spread themselves to thin and they are struggling to keep up with what they promised. To be fair and play devil's advocate, they advertise that it is a 4g device, now we can argue about the semantics of what 4g actually is, but for the terms of this thread they did in fact sell to the people a 4g device. They never claimed that you get 4g out the door, which most people would assume. Its a marketing scheme, and it sux for those that bought into it. Thats life. Never assume, always read the fine print.

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    We have two iPhone 3Gs, one iPhone 4 and a Blackberry Bold 9000. The all have the same pathetic speed where we live. On a good day we will all get four bars at best. The iPhone 4 was "suppose" to be 4G capable from what we were told but, had to be enabled "when" AT&T had the network up and running and they never said "when" that would be.

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