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    Article: Out With Windows XP, In With Windows 8.1 Update


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    I'll keep using XP until my computer turns to dust. Never relied on updates to protect me anyway, I have AVG free edition for that... And I couldn't care less for security as I have no sensitive data... Just need to keep my PC free of viruses that will damage it and AVG is more than sufficient for that... I don't even visit dodgy websites or connect to public hot spots anyway so I have no clue how I could get a virus in the first place.

    All I do is update my drivers and do occasional registry fixes, defrags, cleanups and nothing more. If I suspect a virus I'll do a virus scan.

    Seriously, people take security far to seriously, especially when they don't even have very sensitive data... Antivirus security companies have done a good job marketing security buy making people concerned enough to spend a fortune on security.

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    I find it frustrating to see all the negative press about Windows 8.1 and how it is rubbish. I have even seen suggestions that companies should change to Apple as it is less confusing for the end user than going from XP to 8.1, do the tech press think people are totally stupid? Do they really believe people are not capable of switch between two versions of Windows, and if they cannot what makes them think the same people can learn IOS or Android?? Then add all the programs that companies have installed (proprietary or commercial) and then wonder how that would go down change OS'. Then there are the comments about the Surface Pro 2 being useless compared to the IPad. I am surprised how tied to one system the press are. At least Pinstack has people that support all OS'

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    The 8.1 update seems to have more "pep in its step." Laptop is running a lot snappier, despite it being 6 years old and running an OS that it wasn't made for.

    We're moving to an "open office" at work and I'll have barely enough space on the table I'll share with 7 other people. I will most like be relegated to using my iPad and the company PC, with room for little else, so the laptop will be getting a lot less use, unfortunately.

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    I'm using 8.1 on my notebook and it's great. I still have XP on my work computer (thanks behind-the-times-Eye-Tee-peeps) and the difference is huge. At first I rebelled but once you learn how to drive 8.1 on a laptop, XP seems so - um - Dos - ish. KTW, not dogging you - if you want to keep XP that's fine - but I'm just sayin' . . . . . .

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