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    Article: Windows Phone Sales Were Up 124% Last Quarter


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    Not surprising really. Windows Phone offers the stability and ease of use of iOS with the customization ability of Android (though to a limited scale but greater than iOS). The new Windows devices are also nice to look at.

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    So it went from 10 users to 22?

    GNote - after using it for 30 minutes, all I kept thinking is "this has to be the worst and most confusing system I've ever tried". This is after 5+ years of BB products, 3+ of iPhones, and 4+ Android.

    Also, the hardware they choose is awful.

    That said, I actually liked the Surface. I thought it was very nice, even though I am a hardcore Mac user. I am not sure if it can be a computer replacement, but definitely a tablet one (if they get a few more key apps anyway).

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