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    Article: Walking and Texting Illegal in New York?


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    I don't think this will solve any problems. Drivers need to watch for pedestrians regardless if they are distracted by a cell phone or by any other means. The problem of J-walking surfaces most times and many places around the world have laws against that. From what I've seen, it has not been a deterrent for most people so I'm sure the results will be similar with this useless law.
    Especially knowing that it's a law that will be enforced at crosswalks where the pedestrian clearly has right of way, I think this law is stupid. You might as well spend the tax payees money in a more productive way by producing more awareness through signs and/or public service announcements. They'll probably have the same effect on people as this stupid law (that many people won't know about anyway!)
    FYI I just spoke to my friends in the Bronx, NY and they haven't heard about this yet. Says something about CBS :P

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    I can see lawsuits coming, accident happens between driver texting and pedestrian texting, (maybe to each other ) so who is blamed, both are illegal.

    With these restrictions maybe we will all go back to being tethered to a landline, and finally not be on call 24 hours a day

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