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    Article: Verizon Wireless’s New Plan: So Long Unlimited Data, Hello Buckets


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    So now I guess if a Verizon customer upgrades he'd better get ready to shell out more $ for that unlimited data plan or the same price for the Lite version.

    IMO this sounds like one more plan to charge the same amount of money for less product - it's been easy to see in the marketplace for quite some time. Have you seen the 7 ounce Coke, the bath soap with the bottom carved out, the emptier box of crackers - same size box, the seemingly same size bottle of whatever with the more concave bottom? It all adds up to more profit for the seller.

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    It does not surprise me at all, especially after watching my data consumption on my BB be no more than a couple hundred MB per month and on my Droid it is frequently over 5GB and that is without tethering and I usually use wifi when streaming music at home/work. I will not start bashing them until I see the $ details of the plans.....
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    It's why I don't have a data plan at all - all my internet and email are available through wi-fi, which is much faster than the 3g my provider has . . . If Verizon has come up with this plan, then all the other carriers are going to follow suit.

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    I'll just stick with my 3G. To those that are going to sign new or renew get the best price you can. Once you sign and you're out of contract in a year or two you can continue you rate until the end of civilization and the carrier can't do a thing about it. I read that 40% of iPhone users would switch to Verizon if the iPhone were on Verizon. That's a big data jump for the network.

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