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    Article: Verizon to launch family data plan by mid-year


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    I wonder if, with the advent of these shared data plans, the carriers will force us to choose a new plan and lose our "unlimited" plans forever.

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    RogerG, I think both ATT and Verizon, and even T-Mobile to a certain extent have been pushing in that direction. Some have been smarter than the others, by offering other attractive features (unlimited sms for 1/2 the cost, or more minutes for less, unlimited minutes for $20 less, etc...)I think plans should be limited (can't believe I am saying this), but they should be capped at something reasonable, and yes people who use, say 50GBs on an iPhone should be limited.

    Here are my comments:

    1.) having a 2GB data cap on a smartphone is simply ridiculous. I think 5GB is reasonable. If they will keep it at 2GB, stop advertising 3G and LTE, since having 2GB is basically having edge.

    2.) having a 2-5GB on a data card defeats the purpose of even having a data card. Data cards should be limited at LEAST on a 20GB plan. And that should be for "light" users.

    3.) having a 2,5,10GB plan and not being allowed to use it in any way you want (tethered vs your phone) is beyond mind bending. What this tells me is that they are even overselling the pathetic 2GB plan -- *cough* ATT *cough* -- and they are hoping that you will never come close to using it. Knowing that you will hit the limit immediately via tethering, they want to charge yet another fee for using YOUR pre-allocated data? -- that's absolutely ridiculous.

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    That is what I was thinking

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