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    Article: Using your smartphone before bedtime isn't a good idea, and here's


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    Very helpful info here. Thanks del

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    Geeze, even my old Blackberry 9700 has a setting to turn off alerts if you have to leave your phone on for emergency calls. I notice no difference in reading an artical on the phone or in a book before falling asleep. I think once again it isn't the device causing problems, it is that people have no discipline what so ever. We can't cut our spending, so we borrow more. We can't look where we are going in school zones, so we ban cellphones. We can't take measures to prevent getting pregnant, so we must have free abortion. We can't open the car door carefully in a parking lot, so we dent the car next to us. But in the interest of helping ourselves, we must have other people make rules to blame the objects around us, because as everyone knows......it ain't my fault.
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    I will admit to keeping my phone next to me when I am sleeping. It rarely wakes me up though. I just need to know that it's handy in case something happens in the middle of the night. Now... has anything EVER happened in the middle of the night? Nope. LOL

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    From the early 1970's I have been on 24 Hour call, worked nights, worked 48hrs straight, had landlord line phones next to the bed, and as phones developed going over to cell phones and smartphones, which turn off alerts, but still receive calls at night, plus it works great as an alarm

    I do agree however that as it gets closer to the time you need to sleep you need to reduce the degree of mental active stimulation, either by reading a good book, (can be on a tablet) but you don't need to read news articles which could cause anger frustration etc and start adrenaline flowing which stops sleep.

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