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    Article: US MARKET: iOS Accounted for 43% of Sales in Q4, But First-Time Sm


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    Staggering number

    "Lots of feature phone owners were looking for free or cheap Android phones"Pretty much sums up the last statement. I wonder how many are returned in 14 days

    Apple iPhone 4S
    Apple iPhone 4
    Apple iPhone 3GS
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    Samsung GALAXY S 4G

    I find it equally amusing that the 3GS(a two year old device) is above the GalaxyS2 and all it's avalible models.

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    I suspect that there are not a lot of returns of the Android devices. Prepaid carriers such as Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile sell a lot of Android devices. A lot of former feature phone users might pick a cheap prepaid carrier for their first smartphone, which would almost have to be Android, since those carriers do not even sell iPhones. Beside Android devices, the prepaid carriers like Boost and Virgin only offer old BlackBerry 8530 if one wants a smartphone.

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