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    Article: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement drop Blackberry for iPhone,


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    Wow, that's a major chunk of change RIM is losing out on there.

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    This almost translates the Tides of March in Shakespeare's Caesar.The drama, the irony. Except for the fact that RIM will die by single blows by the time BB10 arrives...in March 2013.
    By then the whole US government regiments will have shifted camps.

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    With the state of the US debt at the moment, maybe they want to keep their outgoing payments to US companies, and after all why should the government worry about security after all they weren't worried about the loss of guns over the border. Seriously though I am sure that this will hurt RIM but it is just another movement in the down direction. I am noticing the extremely senior managers in our company sporting IPhones, (the non techies, I am sure the techies would be going for Android ) they rest of us are still using BB's. Some even have IPads or PlayBooks.

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    They really have no choice, RIM has not offered anything new in so long that I'm afraid most companies feel they are lost by the way side. Now other's are coming up with great security systems than once RIM had no real competition with.

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