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    Article: Should I upgrade to the Nexus 4 now that the Galaxy Nexus has 4.2?


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    "One cannot upgrade to something that isnt being shipped out"


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    While I agree, the point is more to "what am I missing and should I worry about upgrading once its available?"

    I will admit at first to nor being overly impressed with 4.2, however I'm growing more fond of it. It is noticeably smoother. I'm still not 100% behind the lockscreen Widgets.

    I am not concerned about the 4. Something about glass *** and nonremovable battery doesn't sit well. I don't like that option and wouldn't spend money supporting it if I could.

    I'm looking at upgrading next November, and going to really be looking at what Google does with that Nexus, or the galaxy 4/5.

    I'm starting to be of the mindset that more and more power isn't a good thing. At least not needed. Giving devices quads with 2gb+ is asking for bloat and stuff that will increase overhead simply because it can. Plus I'm getting tired of every app wanting to know where I am.

    Google Now...I'm looking at you. I shouldn't have to turn on location awareness just so I can send my wife a text. On top of that the market insists I'm in Chicago on the "recommended for you" apps. I'm no where near it and it doesn't change if I do enable access to my location.

    Things are getting more complicated for the sake of justifying the increased specs. Stop it. My next device will not be purchased based on CPU cores. It must offer more than raw speed.


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