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    Article: UBS Survey: Apple King of Owner Loyalty


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    I wonder how they phrased the question, come to that i wonder who they asked? For example how many HTC owners who like Android may decide to choose different hardware but still stay with Android. I am not surprised about RIM but then how many BB users are tied to BB because it is a company issue and do not have a choice, certain companies will stick to RIM because of the security and they can control the data. So the results will depend on the people polled and the question asked. In the end though it also confirms that Apple Fanboys love Apple and will stick with them. Marketing is great, when do you see a bad review or a criticism of Apple in the press?

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    ^^^^ Dejá-Vous...

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    "Users of Android based phones have a retention rate of 60%, with 31% looking forward to a jump to the iPhone."

    31% are suckers who caved in for a BOGO deal.

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