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    Article: Twitter says Tweets Belong to the User – the social implications


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    I would agree if it were in something like an email thing where only one person is shared.
    Here though the shouting analogy is accurate. You may OWN the words but you CHOSE to share them in a digital world with the digital and real world.

    How do you maintain ownership? What do you own? The words or the idea?

    I'm copyrighting a new word "Tweetrighting" The strict ownership of a tweeted collection of words that cannot be used without the expressed written (on real paper) consent of the tweeter (twit). The twit will retain ownership until sued by a large corporation or until said twit realizes just how incredibly futile and stupid it would be to enforce said copyright.

    Exceptions: bowel movements, any urination, how hot he or she is, anything having to do with pets, anything to do with any sexual acts, any publicity seeking psuedo political behavior or any perceived drummed achievement.

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