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    Article: Torrented 3D-printed gun blueprints shows Internet can’t be silenc


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    Distributive technologies? You know if this were how to build a better mousetrap than OK. But here they have created a firearm that can circumvent security measures designed to protect innocents. How is this OK?

    Knuckleheads want to thumb their nose at censorship, but in the end I see them as immature twits. Will they be held as accessories if this weapon is used to hijack a plane? If its used to shoot someone in school?

    I'm all for the right to (responsibly) bear arms. I grew up with the NRA and shooting just about any commercial caliber weapon. I have no problems with checks and balances to prevent tards like the dip that shot up as school from getting weapons. Those same checks shouldn't interfere with my right to shoot you if you break into my home and threaten my family. This plastic gun serves no purpose other than be dangerous and a political tool.

    If you download this and seed it, please tell me why. To what end? Grow up


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