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You can view the page at http://forums.pinstack.com/content.p...the-Front-Page... Smartphone News forum

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    Article: Three Years of the Front Page


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    Great read! Thanks
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    Well done, Mark and thanks for taking on the task so many years ago, and of course many thanks to both you and Del for keeping the front page humming.

    I sense another change in the wind for our beloved PinStack. Here's to many more years of keepin' on......
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    That dude's awesome. Brings me back to the glorious BB days when everyone was cooperating and elaborating on how to make their BB's look snazzier and what not. Whatever happened? Damn iPhones and all these Hemroid phones
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    Thanks for the good read Mark.
    It's been a while, but these three years have rolled past quite quickly. I remember opening PinStack and staring at a lifeless homepage, stuck in time, until you took it and gave it a great shake.
    Your initiative awakened me to the fact that PinStack, at the time, could also be a site that could filter the most important tech news of the day and divulge it to whoever wanted to read it up without having to switch from a tech site to another. I also saw the opportunity to go beyond the trivial and sprinkle PinStack with diverse content that somehow would enrich our knowledge and make PinStack an interesting site to visit.
    I think we both achieved this, regardless of the fact that we are not reporters, writers or professionals devoted to this only task. We work at our jobs. We do this for PinStack in our spare time, at odd hours, and often sacrificing other pleasant activities just to keep PinStack's homepage humming.
    We've both been as sincere and honest as possible when it comes to writing what we think. And we both have personal opinions that may or may not be appreciated by some. Sometimes we do it for the purpose of teasing our readers and to generate diverse responses. And for the fun of it too.
    I often state that we're not "supported" or "sponsored" by anything or anyone of the tech industry. When you and I find time to write an editorial, be it a review of a gadget, an opinion or just on a whim something pertinent that comes to mind (this article for instance) we write it with an unbiased, straight and honest attitude.
    We say it as we see it. That's character!
    In the end, PinStack is well balanced. We're never offensive. We respect each other on PinStack, even when we get a response we may not like to read. We keep it civil. PinStackers are helpful. That's our custom. We don't berate anyone. We may tease and play around a bit, but we'll back off when that "line", that we all respect, is reached.
    PinStack can boast about all this.
    We may copy and paste articles from other sites, like you say, but we get to pick them. Only the best one makes it.
    That Mark, is an invaluable heritage that we somehow perpetuated on PinStack, a philosophy that was initially envisioned by Hayden.
    I say well done. I say well done to all our Stackers for having shared our dreams.
    We should all be very proud.
    I'm very thankful for the opportunity given me to be part of PinStack
    Thank-you Mark and RogerG and all of the Stackers.
    And thanks too, to all those silent and invisible followers.
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    Mark, Del....thanks.

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    Thanks to the both of you for your dedication, you are the best and can you believe it over 8,000 posts to the front page. Simply Amazing

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    true. del takes all the articles from GSM and mobile nations and only posts the most useful/interesting ones. I don't need to read 60 news entries every 8 hours, I just read 10 entries on pinstack.

    I still remember the day I downloaded the pinstack app for the old Windows 6.5 phones from market place. the main selling point of the app was "smartphone news and reviews". its the only smartphone news app that was available on Windows at that time.

    thanks Dell and Mark.

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