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    Article: The Amazing Growth Of Android


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    This could've never happened without extreme arrogance from RIM, Nokia, and Apple. They dismissed Android in the beginning allowing Android time to grow into this unstoppable force. Now 2 of them are fighting to come back from the dead and Apple must stay on the cutting edge or risk suffering the same fate. If the new iphone 5 comes with the same 3.5 inch screen, it will all but guarantee Android's lead will continue well through next year. Heck, the lead may continue regardless of anything the competition does. Its too late.
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    I predict that the new iPhone will have a 4.5 screen.
    Just a hunch. Really don't think Apple will ignore consumers this time.

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    It is rather like the early days of the DOS and MAC. Microsoft licensed their software to lots of different PC makers, whilst Apple decided that they would make the hardware and keep it to themselves. Basically Microsoft took off big time, whilst Apple nearly went bankrupt, and it was thanks to Bill Gates injecting money into Apple that they got back on there feet, I doubt anyone would have predicted how fast the "I" Phone, Pod, Pad would take off. Now Apple has a strong following but it does make you wonder what will happen in the future. In the end one system does not fit all. No matter how good the IPhone is or how good Motorola, Samsung, HTC phones are different people will want different versions, that's the beauty of the diversity of the human condition. Apple has it's market, and so does Android, but there will always be room for something different. The only thing that will stop this is governments stopping imports, when I lived in Singapore I loved the range of products available in the shops, particularly on the PC front, and I am sure it would be the same today in the mobile market, in the US you are restricted by what the carriers want you to have, and PC wise it is limited to a few brands. For example Nokia has a very small following along with the Windows phone, yet in the UK the Windows phone was very popular, and so was Nokia branded phones.
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