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I think we all need to understand healthcare, and really only those living in the ... Smartphone News forum

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    I think we all need to understand healthcare, and really only those living in the US can discuss it in detail, because in Europe UK or Canada no-one really has any concept of how healthcare works in the US. If you work for a large company, then normally you are ok because you can join a healthcare plan and be covered for pre-existing conditions without much of an issue, however there are many people working part time or with companies that do not want to provide healthcare, who have problems, and this is where the government should have worked to make these companies provide health care insurance. The biggest problem is that the government did not work together to come up with a good law that the whole country would be ok with, and before the Republicans amongst come out and criticize the democrats (I am a Republican) they had multiple opportunities to do something and never did. So the current law is a problem because it was not well thought out and as we can see now there are many companies that have been provided outs (like McDonalds, Walmart etc) because they have good lobbyist and this is wrong, it should either cover everyone or not exist! I have lived in countries which have healthcare, and I have seen the queues and the poor service, along with lack of equipment, Doctors and nurses that are so overworked that they don't care, it was amazing to move to America and see the new hospitals and excellent coverage, and again before anyone states without the new law many people did not have access to this, yes I know this was the case although I also know that there are free hospitals out there even in Houston, and charities that will help (but this is not the answer). I want to see everyone have health care, but I believe that the insurance service needs to be revamped, the drug companies need to be controlled and there needs to be different levels out there for people that want different amounts of coverage, and no company or individual should be allowed to opt out. So in the end I am truly annoyed with this current system, and really upset with the continued arguing in congress where neither will discuss it with each other, and even if it is law, laws are changed all the time, these congressmen should look at the people of the country and see that people need healthcare, and get together and look at how the healthcare is failing elsewhere and think what can we do to make it better for America because we were elected to serve the people not serve our own interests. OK end of rant!!!
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    BHP, I can't quote the post because I'm half asleep. Nice cold front and I'm getting used to getting up to feed the fire.



    BTW, its Jay or John. Usually get called John when I'm in trouble.
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