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    Funny, and I am willing to bet children do this, heck I do it but I have a question, how positive is the economy truthfully? I read the papers watch the news and they are all saying house prices are on the rise, great, people have spent more, retailers did better gross earnings, all sounds good, people are back at work, the best news of all! Then I got to thinking, always dangerous. I recently sold our house after 9 months on the market, it had dropped in value by 60% and I had to spend $40K to make it attractive, so even if prices have increased by 10% they still have a long long way to go. Now people shopping, if you have money to spend and you need clothes, shoes, electronics now is the time to buy because the sales are running at 50-70% off, are retailers making money or are they off-loading old stock so they can reduce storage facilities, I certainly don't see massive profits. On the jobs front most of the jobs are minimum wage so still has a ways to go

    So all you politicians on the hill stop playing with our lives and start governing, stop blaming your opposite number stop worrying about will you get re-elected, start thinking about why you were put there, increase the minimum wage make the country attractive for investment, work together, and you guys in the press report the truth, not the spin according to your political beliefs!

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