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    Article: TGIF


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    Ask Me
    I know the idea of having electric cars, wind power, solar power etc. is what the proponents of global warming are looking for to replace oil and gas, but the problem is, is that it is still in development, the infrastructure in the US at least is not there, the electricity grid is extremely poor as could be seen by how easily it is put out of business when a storm comes through and how long it takes to restore power.

    What I don't understand is why the country does not initially invest in public transport, that alone would take so many cars off the road in the big cities which would probably cut the energy consumption by much more that having electric cars (after all something has to generate the electricity! Houston has an abysmal public transport system, so do many other cities, even New York which lives by public transport is slow to invest in improvements, add that to a high speed train service from city to city (which they do not have) things would improve.

    Power lines should be underground (then they cannot be blown over), power generating stations should not be on the coast. Shale Gas should be utilized as a fuel for vehicles (the US has it in abundance, it's cheap and cleaner burning that oil, again it is not the answer in the long term, but it and improvements in public transport could be a short term fix whilst batteries, solar cells, wind energy are all developed to a level that would provide cheap clean energy. We need to remember that current battery technology has its own problems in production and disposal.

    So for those that do believe in Global warming and for those that don't we all need to do our utmost to look after this planet, to recycle, to reduce waste, to clean up our oceans and to ensure that big businesses do not continue using old technology avoiding investments just because they can buy carbon credits.
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    Amen Dave !

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