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    Article: TECH: The Macbook Pro Retina Display


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    Some very good points here. When we see the tech gurus writing about it, you think wow that's incredible for a notebook computer and of course it is, but what isn't mentioned is the problems it will cause both in the size of the Icons and text on the screen, it always annoys me the higher the graphics resolution the smaller the information on screen, which is not good for my old eyes, especially when you spend all day working on it. Secondly the GPU and GPU memory, again the higher the resolution the faster the card needs to be for the refresh and obviously the more memory required, so if you are running memory intensive data crunching applications how much will this be slowed down, I always remember the UNIX graphics where you would run out of colors when making large scale images . Apple has still managed to maintain a very reasonable battery life, I wonder how hot it will get?

    Finally if you want to buy it you had better be sure that you look into your future needs and buy according to those rather than what you need now, if I were to buy I would probably go for the largest disk available, the most memory and fastest CPU since none of these things can be upgraded down the road.
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