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    Article: AT&T-T-Mobile deal concerns lawmakers


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    This merger is still a big "if" - there seems to be a lot of people taking stands against it. I would think that instead of talking about how it will help people in rural areas, they should address the monopoly question by explaining that being "the" monster GSM provider does not mean that it is the only mobile provider.

    My concern is that I have a nice inexpensive Tmo plan now - less than a hundred bucks for four lines - Will it last through the merger?!?

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    I think the crux of the problem is the lack of knowledge about the different technical systems in use. To most people (probably law makers too), having only one GSM operator wouldn't even be on the radar as they view all of these as 'mobile phones' and see how much harm having only one operator using the more open of the two major mobile technology families is caused. We need to teach people of the other reasons besides prices increases and less competition why this buy out shouldn't happen.

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    I agree, I am sure my pricing will not hold on this merger, they are already making statements of cost cutting, no sense in a tmo store right next to a AT&T. The smaller carriers will be in big trouble because they rely on the biggies for roaming use of their towers and such. This opens the door to squeeze them out of the picture with price increases. I'm from a small town is southeastern Idaho and neither tmo or at&t signal is available unless you stand on your head in a certain spot and hold your breath then more than likely the call will drop, data is virtually impossible

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