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LOL! Thanks Cap! People can survive just fine with one kidney.... Smartphone News forum

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    LOL! Thanks Cap! People can survive just fine with one kidney.

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    I pay less than what my fiancée pays at Tmobile and have all the same perks she has using her blackberry 8900 (I know, I've told her several times to upgrade but she's okay with her dinosaur, she said she'll upgrade to the iPhone 4S later in the year) Anywho, I called AT&T the on the 11th to change my plan because I had dropped my mom's line because my sister got her added to her line at Sprint. AT&T offered me a $150 credit for the problem I had on an earlier call at 1230 midnight because one of the reps said he wasn't able to backdate my plan change and so as a great customer that I am I got $150 no pro rated charges (these are charges applied to people whom change in the middle of a cycle) Thus, I got me 5000 roll over minutes, A-list (lets you add 10 lines to your favorite people no matter what carrier they're on and 900 minutes per month and unlimited nights and weekends which I don't use since I'm always texting/emaling/messaging or video chatting. So, yeah... Don't let one person dictate what carrier is best, you gotta try it for yourselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerG View Post
    Well, blessings to all of you (us) suffering with health issues.

    I thought I was going to have to have one of my kidneys removed here recently. Turns out there's been some sort of blockage in my left kidney which has basically caused it to become useless. Doc said since it's not hurting anything and it doesn't hurt, we'll just leave it in there, which was great news.

    Seems like a couple of you fellas have had to endure far greater hardships than me, so prayers go out to you!
    Sorry for your health issues.....like del....I too am a true insider with kidney issues....perhaps it is the bane of older stackers.....to mitigate additional problems, I really drink my 8 glasses of water daily.....take care of yourself.....we need you here!

    So much great information from the above posts....I too use PS as the authority on my phone issues as I lost confidence with cust support with ATT. At one time, I had dual carriers (and two phones) for a year as I wanted to check out Tmo and their coverage.....ended up staying with ATT, however, the Cust support I received at Tmo was much better than ATT. And.....if Tmo hadn't changed their rates within the last few months.....I probably would have switched and upgraded to their 9780......tired of waiting for a new BB....I think Tmo's coverage has improved significantly since I used them a few years back.
    "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
    Enjoying life in Lehi, UT with my BB 9780 on ATT

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