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    Article: At&T network ranked worst by J.D. Powers


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    Kind of surprising, but I believe JD Powers. They are a pretty reliable source.
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    Finally someone acknowledges it!!

    ATT has the worst network in populated places. In Boston/Cambridge, between 8am and 7-8pm, you have 5 bars of 3G and get ~200KBs on 3G -- if that.

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    Oh but they said they are the king

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    I smell mob payout
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    I've not had any of the problems with sprint that I had with at&t.

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    This is odd, I found the worst for dropped calls or lack coverage (go into a building lose signal) was T-Mobile, although they provided the best customer service. I have also seen that ATT provides faster data than Verizon, plus can be used worldwide, (again a negative for CDMA) however I am really upset with their penny pinching tactics with bridging on the Playbook!! Having said that this is not the issue in the article, it is more about network speed which I find strange. Is it more because the IPhone was on ATT and slow data seen on the IPhone upset a lot of people since they use data for more creating bottlenecks in large cities? Verizon is just beginning to see this. Then you ask how much of the problems, dropped calls etc are due to the network and how much are due to Antenna issues (don't want to blame the phone, blame the network?). Finally how many dropped calls are caused to the phone not handling the issue that a message (data) will come in during a phone call, since ATT has the multi task capability.

    I would say it is easy to perform a survey and questions asked can often taint the survey (just look at the multi surveys coming out at the moment about the forthcoming elections ), but it is not easy to actually identify the true reason for the problem, so instead it is put on the head of the carrier. Statistics can show correlation through totally unrelated facts just depends who is manipulating them.
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    Being I am with TMO and having friends with great phones, but hating AT&T, I am hoping the merger does not go through.

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