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    Article: Is T-Mobile’s LTE really the fastest? I’m not so convinced


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    Not sure about being the fastest but they are getting there. Give them a year, T-Mobile has a game plan which involves customers, and I believe they are doing the right thing. My LTE is pretty darn quick here in Utah not sure how it compares with Verizon and AT&T.

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    This CEO is full of **** like every other CEO out there...

    Here's a link to a speed test I did on the 31st of last year;

    Like I've said before. I don't care what happens in other places in the states, all I care about are the results in my town, and in my town Tmobile is horrible.

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    It depends where you are. I've seen double Capdot's speeds, and I've seen perfect signal half of that.

    The point of that is that it's a work in progress. If they can get it well in one place, it means the tech is in place and it's a matter of deploying/adjusting it everywhere else.

    as a side note - where I am is the same deal - perfect service, crappy throughput. I go 10-15 blocks away in any direction and the throughput quadruples.
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