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    Article: T-Mobile Responds to Senator Al Franken


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    Excellent write up Mr. Stone.

    I always wondered why when anyone would talk about this merger going through they would always throw the "stifle innovation" argument out there. I highly doubt if this merger goes through that Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Apple, RIM would all just throw their hands in the air, give up, and start releasing devices of yesteryear.

    What worries me is congestion, prices, and of course ATT's attitude towards customers. I have excellent coverage where I live, work, and play so when these moves start happening I expect faster data streams, and coverage to improve for customers from both networks.

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    What I want to see is if they will stick by that statement after they merge. "Lower costs". If they merge and the costs stay the same/increase (to ATT's cost), the companies should be split and charged a penalty.

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