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    Article: AT&T Fires Back at Consumer Reports Report


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    ^^^^ crazy world. This was to be expected Mark !
    Reminds of a song (I think it was): When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going ! Or, "They Kill Horses Don´t They ?
    Something like that, and the industry keeps on spinning...phewwww !

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    Unfortunately, the BBB is a horrible litmus test for customer satisfaction as the BBB has a grading scale based on a lack of reporting.

    If your business is established with the BBB for 15 years and nobody makes any negative report, then you are an impeccable business as far as they are concerned.

    Which may be true, HOWEVER, consider the fact that a good majority of people do not have a clue who the BBB is, what they represent and how to get in contact with them to report an issue (resolved or not). I mean, when was the last time you heard an average 21 year old say they were going to contact the BBB because a bad cs rep pissed them off?

    Back in the days when local chambers of commerce were a very popular place for local and national businesses to promote good, fair and honest practices, the BBB was everywhere. However, I rarely see any local business that proudly displays a BBB affiliation. Their numbers are quickly dwindling.

    So, AT&T, come up with a not-so-weak strategy. I can name 6 friends/co-workers that would take to sworn testimony of not having a dropped call...EVER, but one one AT&T customer that could make the same. AT&T should realize that BBB is also based on customer service, not product quality. So, figure that a good 99% of people don't spend over 17 days in their billing cycle talking to customer service non-stop, making BBB rating a moot point.

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    I don't see why Consumer Reports Magazine thinks AT&T is the "worst carier". I guess I dont understand why Consumer Reports Magazine says AT&T is a horrible carrier. I think AT&T is perfectly fine.

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    The problem with statistics is the size of the sample, the question asked, and how it is interpreted. How many people read consumer reports, and how many people actually respond with complaints. Once the report is out then the press runs with it, and of course you get the embelishment (as I have seen in one case where is stated that AT&T was reported to be the worst carrier in the World!!), followed by a statement that Apple should distance themselves from AT&T. Personally I have had good service from AT&T and have no complaints about their coverage, does this make them the best no, it is just my experience.
    On the point of the BBB this group can be influenced by the company spending money and becoming a member, so from the logo on their site you would think we should believe in them, however from their methodology I would be very careful about coming to conclusions from statistics based on their reports.

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    does at&t think we didnt see the 60 minutes excerpt on the BBB?

    you can buy their love and admiration.

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    All AT&T has do is hope people ignore consumer reports the same way millions ignored them when they said they couldn't endorse the iPhone 4 cause of the antenna issues.

    We all know how that turned out.

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