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    Article: Super AMOLED HD news spawns new round of October Nexus Prime rumor


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    Yes am not happy with Sammy being the manufacture, but I am with the rumored specs. Please ooh please don't let it be just a rumor, cause it would be one big let down. On the other hand HTC is working on a competitor with similar specs, Dre. Beats audio, minus the SAMOLED.

    Choices, choices, choices; this is getting old.

    P.S. quit flirting around 5" screens and do it already. I loved the streak but hated that dell was the manufacture.

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    Only one thing pisses me off about Samsung -- they underpower everything (in regards to radios).

    The WiFi strength on the Nexus S is a joke. With my blackberry, I could go down the street from where I live and get 1-2 bars. Now I can't even go to the back of our house without losing service completely. No one else has that bad of a problem (other than the G1 users). What bugs me is they did this on purpose to conserve battery. How about making better batteries rather than cutting down on functionality.

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