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    Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP


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    Women can no doubt perform most if the tasks needed to operate down range and in hostile missions. I don't think we'll every see and I hope we don't them being in Spec Op units. There's just too much on the line to have any distractions from what needs to be accomplished.

    The problem of being physically able to carry a fallen warrior out is something that they can/will not get over. I'm glad to see that we're making progress in this area but we don't need to go too far. This is life and death after all.

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    For women to get into special Ops they have to go through all the same training as men everything should be equal if they can match the training then I don't see the problem. If men cannot get over the distraction then maybe they shouldn't be in special Ops.

    However what about personal hygiene toilets etc? This could be a problem

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