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    Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP


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    Man I feel so bad for all those people, there are so many you can't get to all of them fast enough. They keep talking about a gas shortage. There is tons of gas, but it takes electricity to pump it. There is the problem. Some people need to try and get calm and understand the facts. Not that I wouldn't be a bit out of control myself is I just lost everything with nowhere to go.

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    Last hurricane I went through in Texas we were without electricity for a month, so yes its difficult but the guys are out doing their best to fix it. Queues for gas looks like people do need to use. It despite climate change. When Katrina hit Louisiana people in Texas took people in, this is where people should be helping each other, which is happening, let the government do what they can but everyone should be standing up and helping. As far as Female is concerned they have made a mess so I am not over impressed by them.

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