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    Article: SUNDAY RISER


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    These people are idiots. I haven't seen one clip, sound bite or article that shows where anyone of them has a idea of what their actually doing besides trying to disrupt other people ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK.

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    That cartoon is too close to the truth. Some of the occupy folks have a fair grievance, but I didn't see how occupying Wall Street helped, or what they were trying to do, along with the 99% statement .... and the hypocrisy of Michael Moore and all the multi-millionaires providing lip service to their cause.It is truly sad that there was no real consistent message that came out of so many people spending time demonstrating. Jobs are of a prime importance, people need to work for a living wage, it seems to me that there could be work available if those that govern would get down and govern instead of running each other down, blaming each other, campaigning for re-election etc.

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