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You can view the page at http://forums.pinstack.com/content.p...8-SUNDAY-RISER... Smartphone News forum

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    Article: SUNDAY RISER


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    Some people inherit riches some come to this world with nothing on their backs. My father always told me "Para todos hay un amanacer y un anochecer, aquel que lo use mejor decidira su destino" Everyone is entitled to a sunrise and a sunset; whoever uses it best decides how their future days to come. I believe the meaning is lost in translation. But poverty cannot just be blamed on the Haves, us Have Nots have also got to take responsibility in the matter and make something of it. My Sunday 2 cents

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    In this country, if you're poor, it's because you choose to and not because "The Man" is holding you down.
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    Raton, your father is a very wise man. There is a lot of truth in that saying. This is probably the reason that a lot of cultures put so much emphasis on education, because it is only through working hard and learning from your surroundings that it will be possible to claw onself out of ones situation
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