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    Article: SUNDAY READER: Are Americans smarter than ever?


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    "showed a steady decline after 1990"

    No Child left behind and everyone gets a Trophy mentalitiy began about then if I remember right? We went from 5 major college bowl games to over 50. While the intent may be good it has side effects that often can't be seen for years.

    There are hundreds of other examples around us everyday that contribute to where we are today. Each on their own seem small and probably insigificant but it sure makes you wonder?

    I don't know anyone who has told me "I'm so happy with our public Schools". I was in disbelief numerous times over the years as my young jedi was growing up. There is no room for individualism in our Schools. They want to run them like a factory assembly line and can't stop the conveyer belt from moving towards graduation. If you try to stop them (school) they start to push either therapy, drugs or some other method of compliance.

    It's sad .

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    I took the Stanford-Binet IQ test in school in the 70s, but I never heard of the Torrance test before. It was not something my public school system used in the 70s.

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