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    Article: SOPA: What if Google, Facebook and Twitter Went Offline in Protest


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    I have not been following that close but I do understand the nuts and bolts of it. If a Blackout occurs with those listed above it's going to be talked about for a long time. It's hard to imagine the effect b/c it will be huge.

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    The effect of such a blackout will certainly be felt, but not disastrous. If I could not get online to my Facebook account or Google, it would mean that I would probably go out for a longer bicycle ride or play a little more with my grandchildren. Yes, it would effect the online community; no, it wouldn't effect me personally that much. I kind of hope it does happen - it would be interesting to see the results. I think that Anonymous may be able to take down a lot of sites by themselves if they chose to . . .those people are freaks. Brilliant, and (especially lately with their stand against child porn) cool, but freaks nevertheless.

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