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    Article: Shareholders Vent Frustration Over Elop’s Nokia Leadership


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    I'd buy an android Nokia. Great hardware.

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    I agree. It's been awhile since I've had a Nokia phone, but I found it to be a very reliable piece of hardware.

    I just don't think their all-Windows Phone strategy is going to work. Not only is that platform a very distant third, any increase in Windows Phone market share may be offset by other vendors getting into the mix. I'm not even sure WP will keep a lead over BlackBerry. We even hear rumblings from Microsoft now and then about getting back in to the phone hardware business. If that were to occur, just watch how fast Microsoft tosses Nokia aside. Nokia's commitment to Microsoft seems a lot stronger than the reverse.

    Unless their agreement with Microsoft prohibits them from producing Android devices, I would think Nokia would want to jump in...

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    That would definitely be an interesting development. Like Rich said, I've not owned a Nokia since the old brick phone days, but they were definitely solid pieces of hardware and Nokia would do well by adopting Android, I think.

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    Yes, and they're still a cut above all else, save maybe the iPhone. But Nokia having to forcibly accept Elop (remember that he was "pushed" in by Microsoft) knew from the outset this guy would do what MS would dictate. And that's also Windows Phone software. The only leeway Nokia had was to develop their substitute for Symbian (I think) and now called Sasha. As far as smartphones are concerned that's the way Nokia played it to survive, and now if Nokia wants to change platforms, if that's what they want, they'll have to get rid of Microsoft and their hundreds of millions in investment.
    Until then, Nokia plays Microsoft's single stringed ukulele. And if it isn't Elop, it will be another like him.
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