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    Article: Samsung's Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch like no other


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    I just don't see that many spending the money on these. Down the road maybe they will be something more folks will want but at that price I just don't see many jumping on the band wagon to be the first to own one.


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    The sad thing about this is that when Apple releases their smart watch; its gonna be a hit. Samsung could have done a whole lot better than this.

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    I would have to agree on the Apple release. It certainly doesn't fit my fancy but I'm sure they will have a few followers


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    I don't think Samsung could have done any better. The thing that Apple has over everyone else is that they not only design the products. They design the machines to manufacture the products. That's the reason you see Apple making the manufacturing influences in the industry. Samsung doesn't do that. They work with what's known. Not what isn't. Steve Jobs gets a lot of credit for Apple and it's rise. When a lot should be placed on Tim Cook.

    As as far as the watches go. I don't see a day when something like this can replace a well made timepiece. For me at least.


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