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    Article: Samsung May Upgrade Galaxy S Phones To Ice Cream Sandwich After Al


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    I don't see what's the matter that they can't upgrade the galaxies series?

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    They claim that the phone can't handle ics with touchwiz on top. The dev community disagreed, as well as the backlash from the announcement has caused them to reconsider.

    The simple solution was to offer straight ics.Manufacturers need to start making these ui "enhancements" optional. Some like them, others (me) don't. I just installed another sense rom. 400mb vs AOSP that's just over 100mb. There's a lot of stuff in the sense I could live without, but there are a few things that just work better. Sucks and is my biggest complaint about these roms. With AOSP I get a faster and better device, and can keep most apps on the internal memory. Moving to the sd card is slower, though honestly not that bad. I'm just a geek and want fast as I can get.

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