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makes it hard to have loyalty dont ya say?... Smartphone News forum

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    makes it hard to have loyalty dont ya say?

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    ^^ Yes and even harder to control Fragmentation. How would you like to be a Developer? Would you chose ICS + or some other options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfcooley View Post
    Hate autocorrect.REMY how is that ROM?
    Very fast, nice visuals, sense 3.5 is nice. There are several known issues witht the ICS developer beta, but even still Im using it. The media player update is sweet. There is a face unlock thats kewl but thats not my thing so havent messed with it. I havent gotten around to messing with it without the sense UI. Nice ICS live wallpapers. Im currently using Android Revolution HD 5.02 <- which uses the ICS Development beta. No over or underclocking currently available but they are working on it. as well as cleaning up some of the known issues with the rom. All in all very fresh and fun. Just like the froyo to GB update there will be some apps that dont function correctly because they all havent been updated for the latest OS
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    I just installed ics.
    Trying to decide if I'm going to keep this. No camera at the moment and visual voicemail is hit and muss. Its an alpha,but the best one out.

    I'm having to use a tethering app, works OK. I'm impatient for AOSP so I'm going to try and keep it.

    The browser is much quicker, as it is on the tab with ics. Had to revert back to honeycomb on the tab, the Lang I was using wasn't good enough for a daily.

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