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    Article: Samsung Galaxy S 4G Launches at T-Mobile!


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    I went to the T-Mobile store near my work to play with it ...it's absolutely amazing. First Android phone that IMO is better than the iPhone 4.

    The display is super crisp, the size+weight is good.

    The keyboard is insanely responsive.

    My only real complaint is that the battery life is advertised at 6.5 hours on 3/4G. That means, with playing on the phone/browsing/talking, you will get ~5hrs. This means that I have to charge it at 1pm, at 6pm, and then put it back on the charger around midnight. That bothers me.

    What's interesting however is that the MyTouch 4G has a bigger battery life on specs (almost 50% more), but people still claim the Samsung Vibrant lasts longer (and complain that the MyTouch 4G has horrible battery), so let's hope Samsung comes in with their uber conservative measurements.

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    couple corrections on the galaxy 4g, its only a 5 mega pixel camera and has 2.2.1 not gingerbread, the vibrant 2 when it comes out should have 8 mega pixel and gingerbread but not the galaxy 4g

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