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    Article: Samsung Galaxy S5 already copied to create the Goophone S5


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    I'd like to get one of these and root it, maybe see what its like. We laugh at the knockoff but I wonder just how bad it is, if it is.

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    I tell ya, there's a new smartphone making the rounds here. It's the Wiko, and it's packed and loaded with all the good specs (octa-core and 1080 HD and Dual SIM) you'd from the highend manufacturers, except for the fact it's at less than half the price of Sammy and all others... and it's made in France. I've toyed with one and I tell ya, it's a mean mother! I wonder if it's available in the US.

    The video is in Portuguese, so just go ahead and just hear through your eyes.

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    Where is the goophone Z10 and Z30 ?

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