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Ease up on those meds, Del.... Smartphone News forum

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    Ease up on those meds, Del.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerG View Post
    Ease up on those meds, Del.
    I really can´t until on the 24th I revisit the op room for extraction/exchange of these damned catheters for others. My saga ain´t over for a long while yet...
    For now, I'm popping pain killers every four hours. It´s like chomping Maltesers.
    I should state thatmy articles carry no responsibilities, at all, during this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delfim View Post
    I tell ya how you all missed it.
    Even though we (Cap and I) were under excruciating pain, suffering enormously from internal body probing, submitting ourselves to assisted showers and rub-downs, innumerable shots in the veins (no EPO, ok?), being cut-up with precise instruments, generally doped during our stay at the Inn, we both... couldn´t leave PS alone. The nurses had to pull our SIII's from our necklaces / keychains before entering the op block.
    That´s how.

    You should have seen the look on the nurses face when I asked her to unplug the IV machine from the wall... It was more important that my phone got charged than the fluids I desperately needed.

    As for the showers...

    There is a fine line to walk between professionalism and sodomy when it comes to shower time. I am single man therefore my lines tend to blur a little.

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